Ellie Reclaimed Wood Desk With Steel Legs

 Works perfectly in a sophisticated urban casual living space. This desk is 240cm long x 66cm wide x 89cm tall, but the sky's the limit! This desk is made from locally sourced, reclaimed scaffolding board planks which I sand down just enough that the risk of splinters is eliminated, yet the raw integrity and authenticity of their industrial history is not erased. For extra protection and ease of maintenance, I finish them with a clear matt varnish. The galvanised steel legs are fitted with plastic cap feet so your floor is totally protected! The desk incorporates 3 simple and elegant storage sections for maximum practicality and usability. Matching stools and benches are also available and chairs will follow soon! You can contact me via the 'ask seller a question' button before the sale, or the 'contact seller' button after the sale. This double desk can be made to measure to your own specifications - please contact me to discuss any ideas or obtain quotes.All of my furniture is built by hand in my workshop in Manchester. I am comfortable and experienced creating custom designs on every level, from domestic homes to high use commercial environments. I can vary pretty much aspect of this design, from the dimensions, to the actual components which can be finished in a variety of different ways - colour, texture, shape, construction method etc! All options are made to order.No items are kept in stock. Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks prior to shipping. If you need an item by a specific deadline or in less than the 3-week turnaround please contact me prior to your purchase to confirm. Caring for your reclaimed wood furniture is very much a matter of personal preference, It has already survived years of weathering and hoards of builders boots trampling on it, so your decision on how to treat it will have much to do with how you use your furniture and your personal preference on look and feel. I offer several standard finishes and they each have their own properties and care guidelines which are detailed below:1.Unsealed, salvaged wood planks are beautiful. We love the look of salvaged, unsealed scaffolding. This is the finish shown in many of my online product photos. Many people choose to leave it in this state and typically we ship most pieces like this. Unsealed items look lighter colored in appearance. You can always add a sealant later, or experiment on finishes and seals on the underside of your product to determine your favorite look. Clearly there is a risk of stains from spills or oils with this option but generally this doesn't matter because the planks are already stained and marked, but any areas that you are unhappy with can be sanded with a combination of first 80 grit and then 120 grit sand paper will typically restore the look and feel. The best method for general cleaning is simply soap and water.2.Varnished, salvaged wood planks look slightly darker in colour and a little shinier than the unsealed planks... But they are highly durable and totally water/stain proof. The best method for general cleaning is simply soap and water.3.Grey washed salvaged wood planks are created using a watered down water based Cuprinol Fence Preserver. Low in harmful VOC's (volatile organic compounds) it is comparable to oil-based varnish for its high resistance to abrasion, water and solvents. It cleans up easily with soap and water. As it cures, the molecules become cross linked in a lattice-like pattern that is much more durable than the single-strand bonds formed by conventional water-based finishes. This makes it a good choice for high-wear interior applications such as tabletops. Low to no maintenance option that is perfect for everyday family use and easy clean-up.4.White Washed Salvaged Wood Planks are created using a watered down water based Dulux Emulsion which has a very matt chalky finish. This finish not water resistant on it's own, so is not recommended for high wear use or where spills could occur. However if you do would like white washed boards with clear wax or varnish applied, just request this and we will send you a quote.5.Galvanised steel pipe requires no maintenance.6.Graphite iron pipe may rust if exposed to damp conditions this can be removed with some WD40 and a paper towel

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