Concrete Desk

 This unique desk elegantly combines raw industrial aesthetics and minimalist design, producing a piece of architecture that compliments perfectly all work and living spaces The use of both concrete and steel provides practicality and durability to the piece whilst giving a high-end modern finish. The frame of the piece is composed of steel, which compliments and supports the reinforced concrete top. Both elements work together to give a durable and functional addition to your home or workplaceEverything is handmade so variations between items are to be expected especially when using materials that can create random patterns, small air bubbles, small patches of colour varation may naturally occur to.Concrete naturally has air bubbles, differnt tones and some uneven surafce in places. This is the nature of the material. It is not a sleek smooth perfect material. Post InstallationConcrete takes a while to fully dry out and so it may take as much as a few weeks for the final colour to come through which will be lighter than how it appears when first delivered. Product needs to be treated with extra care for the first 14 days, as sealer needs time to cure completely. The important thing to prevent worktop from staining is to not leave any hot/acidic substances or liquids to dry on the surface. Do not keep worktops under cover, concrete needs to breath to get dry and cure properly. Covering the surface will disturb this process.Cleaning and MaintenanceThe exposed concrete surface has been sealed to help maintain/protect the surface. The main points to avoid are; do not use the work surface as a chopping block. Cutting or chopping should be done on a chopping board. Edges or corners of the product can be chipped if knocked by heavy items. Care should be taken when using heavy pots and pans. We recommend cleaning surfaces carefully with soft equipment such as a sponge or dishcloth. Do not place hot pans or other hot items onto the surfaces as this will lead to staining on the surface; always use a pan stand or trivet. Avoid spilling any strong acidic substances or using harsh chemical cleaning solutions on the surface. If you do accidently spill such substance, immediately dry the surface and then wipe it several times with a damp cloth. For cleaning we recommend using a damp cloth with water or products dedicated for concrete. Since this product is completely handmade and bespoke, variations in colour, design and size can be requested and metCurrently three variations of the product exist, with regard to the table top material. Choices range from, but are not exclusive to; pure concrete, terrazzo and solid timber Solid steel frameReinforced solid Concrete top - 30mm thickSealed with a non-toxic stain stop and natural Beeswax - to waterproof, help prevent staining and increase longetvityAll products are handmade and made to order

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