Babymoov Yoo Moov Video Baby Monitor

 The reassuring, 360° motorised baby monitor that watches over your little one! A YOO baby monitor enables you to carry on with your life whilst being totally committed as a parent. That’s what makes the YOO range so different. You may have become parents, but you're still friends, cooks, DIY enthusiasts, Game of Thrones addicts or Titanic fans... there’s definitely a YOO for you! The YOO Moov is aimed at parents looking for Innovation, Simplicity and Performance so they can enjoy every moment of their baby's life. The YOO Moov is a motorised video baby monitor. With the camera placed in your little one's nursery, you can control its movements remotely from your receiver. You can tilt it from front to back as well as from right to left. It gives you a 360° view! The motor hidden inside the foot of the camera is innovative as well as efficient and silent. The camera quietly changes direction. Its movements are smooth, not jerky. The reason why the YOO Moov is motorised becomes clear with its large 4.3 screen. You won't miss a thing. The image quality, screen size and zoom option mean you can see the tiniest detail in your little one's bedroom. The camera can be easily hung on the wall (wall-mounting kit included) to guarantee maximum vision in the room. This video baby monitor has been designed for your baby’s well-being. It creates a reassuring environment in the nursery. The base of the camera houses a multi-coloured night light. The slightly glittery finish combines with a choice of 7 colours to diffuse a very soft light. What's more, the YOO Moov also features lullabies to soothe your little one, as well as a temperature sensor enabling you to check the temperature in your baby's nursery. The YOO Moov baby monitor is above all really easy to use. The On/Off button is located at the back of the camera. It lights up when the baby monitor is operating and activating pairing. Advanced, Intuitive and Efficient, the YOO Moov means you can keep an eye on your baby or toddler without the risk of waking them! Why will you love it? Motorised technology: control the movements of the camera using the receiver 360° pan and tilt Large 4.3 screen (11 cm) Multi-coloured night light (7 colours) 5 gentle lullabies Temperature indicator Range: 300 metres Walkie-talkie function for talking to your baby VOX mode: activated by your baby's voice Versatile: can also be used to keep an eye on your pet Supplied with 2 USB cables Features: Power: 50.11 mW Rechargeable 1440 mAh lithium battery for receiver Includes 2 USB cables (plugs not supplied, available seperately)

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